Welcome to my Home-On-The-Web for larger families in the U.K.

If you...

then this is the site for you!

We have Articles about life with a large family, a selection of things to do on DaysIn and Frugal Tips & tricks that have helped me stretch my budget...

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I have defined a larger family as four or more children, however acquired, as according to the Office for National Statistics, as at 16/05/2002 the "average" family in the UK has 1.64 children, and standard houses and cars are clearly not designed for people with more than 3 children. We are always being told that households are getting smaller - well, not mine! I'm not advising more people to have big families, or saying that the Government should give us more money - though wouldn't it be nice! - just hoping that by exchanging ideas and information, we can make life a bit easier for ourselves. Your input is vital - please email articles, ideas, tips & tricks for me to add in.

Perhaps you offer goods or services that might be of interest to us? For example, large vehicles with long interest-free payment plans?! Or membership of cash & carry warehouses? Contact me with details & I'll pass them on provided it is a genuine offer.

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