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Treasure Island Money Box! [[/TreasureIslandMoneyBox|{{attachment:island5.jpg|Final Box}}]]
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Rainy Day Activities 4 Kids...

Here you'll find some crafts & other activities for you to enjoy with your children every now & then, using inexpensive and easily-available materials, suitable for children aged about 3-10 with varying amounts of help and supervision. The instructions will be general rather than precise so that you can work with the materials you have to hand and your imagination. I hope to build this up into a database of ideas, and include your ideas and results too...


Treasure Island Money Box! Final Box

Click here for a picture of my lovely assistant, Jo!

Previous Projects...




And for some general ideas...


Partybags & Origami Boxes...

Party bags, cones & origami boxes made from strips of wallpaper, made by Jo & James when they were 7.

And Rainy Day Activities 4 You!...

I love making things, and spend a lot of time on rainy days attempting, with varying degrees of success, to quell the squabbles by interesting my children in various craft activities. And I'm no good at vegging in front of the telly on cold winters' evenings; I need something for my fingers to be doing if I'm not updating the site! Perhaps it's my way of maintaining some semblance of sanity...

For some reason, my friends often present me with craft books which are full of lovely projects to try, and I also get lots of ideas from old 1970's craft books, picked up at charity shops and jumble sales or sold off by libraries; sometimes the ideas are hopelessly dated but others just need looking at in a new light to bring them up to date.

So here are some ideas for you to try out and/or share with your children...


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