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Issues affecting larger families...

Isn't it interesting that both our political leaders have chosen to have larger families, in this day and age? The more I find out about the larger family environment, the more it becomes apparent that they can be a very dynamic way to grow up - I should like to find out just how many of our "movers & shakers" come from or have larger families...

You can't help being aware as soon as you have 4 children that you have stepped outside society's accepted "Norm". Total strangers often feel free to comment on the size of your family, often, but not always, with the kindest of motives. Certain smaller newspapers seem to perpetuate the image of the feckless fertile; workshy no-hopers who live in 9 bedroom council houses and receive thousands of pounds of taxpayers money each week. Chance would be a fine thing!

These are the issues that have particularly struck me as being different for us as a larger family. What's been different, or difficult for you? How have you tackled it? What are your favourite resources? Below is a link to a discussion board so we can share our problems, solutions & ideas.


Here's a link (click [ here]) to an interesting article by Pastor Bryan Pollock of the Pilgrim Bible Church in Tahoma, USA, showing that life is much the same for big families over there...