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The Way Things Were...

Sometimes as I grit my teeth & struggle through yet another evening of lost homework books, demands for money for school trips, squabbles & refusals to eat whatever I've spent hours cooking, I lose sight of the fact that I usually consider myself very lucky to be able to stay at home with my children, and that things that I take for granted like my second-hand dishwasher were unheard-of luxuries not so very long ago. Imagine doing all the washing by hand, (I'm old enough to remember getting my fingers caught in the mangle as a tiny child!) then sweeping the floors, cleaning the grate & laying fires, beating carpets, walking to & from the shops every day because there was no way to keep things fresh... aren't we lucky! But here is some advice from Christine Dennison, mother of my friend Carol Kirk, who at one stage had seven children under 12 and had no washing machine until after the fourth was born. She has written an inspirational booklet for her children, recounting how God's love and wisdom helped her and her family through the tough times.

I have to say that Christine must be a shining example as Carol, one of her daughters, has gone on to have 4 children of her own.