I'm Angie Corbet, married to Pete, who is an intensely private person. We are blessed with five children, Martyn, born 1988, Mike (b. '89), twins Joanna & James, (b. 1992, with separate birthdays, having been born over midnight!) and Sarah, (b.'95). We live in wonderful Wimborne Minster in Dorset, just outside Bournemouth & Poole, in a tumbledown & terminally untidy 1900's house which has had many extensions in it's hundred-year history. Pet-keeping is something of a family tradition & we currently have 4 rescued cats, 4 rabbits (2 home-grown!), one chinchilla, one guinea pig and a solitary, vicious goldfish - it ate all the others. I was an analyst/programmer B.C. (Before Children!), work very part-time in a variety of roles, and am now hoping to do a degree course, studying from home.

When our family doubled almost overnight - we didn't know it was twins until more than half-way through my third pregnancy - I found myself with 4 children under 5. I look back on those days with astonishment that I survived to tell the tale. I had a lot of support & encouragement from members of my church & my local Twins Club, and that's really what this site is all about. I'd like to put a bit back in, as it were, and hope that the site can be helpful to all those of us with more "blessings" than usual!

My mother & stepfather are marvellous, willing to drop everything & race from one side of Dorset to the other at the drop of a flowerpot onto someone's head! But how do others manage without family nearby? My neighbours also deserve honourable mention, having fielded & fed assorted infants & pets during my inevitably unplanned trips to the surgery or Casualty. Community spirit is alive & well here.

I can't help wondering whether Wimborne is rather unusual, as there seems to be a high concentration of larger families here. I know we have a high twinning rate in Dorset, but my family is nothing unusual here and many of my friends have 4,5,6 or even 8 children in one case. Is it in the water, or the good "country" air? Or is it because relatively few old houses have been split up into flats? Where we lived before, people felt very sorry for you if you were expecting your 3rd! But the houses and gardens were generally smaller and even more expensive, though this is a very prosperous area. Or do we tend to cluster together, and end up near others like us? Let me know your views.

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