Treasure Island Money Box...

*** by "LollyPop", 12 ***

(Mum's been slacking again so I've come up with another "make" for you all...)


What you'll need:

Step 1:

Box Inside-out Box

Get your Easter egg box and turn it inside out. (You can do this by finding the seam inside the box and gently easing it open. Make sure you don't rip it). Stick everything down with double-sided sticky tape. Make sure that it is nice and firm.

Step 2:

Painted BoxUsing your big paintbrush (lay down the newspaper and get your pot of water so you can wash your paintbrush) paint the whole box yellow apart from the base, which you will not see.

Step 3:

Once the yellow paint has dried mark on the edges with black paint. Also paint on a keyhole. Painted Box

Step 4:

Painted Box

Get your cereal box and place the treasure chest on it. Draw around the treasure chest, with a wiggly line (to add effect) and cut it out. Paint the base yellow (leave front for the blue paint) and leave to dry. Once dry, add the blue paint and leave that to dry. Once dry it is a good idea to add white caps to give the effect of waves. Then stick (with double-sided sticky tape) the treasure chest onto the base.

Step 5:

Finished Box To finish off your Treasure Island add a palm tree for decoration. To make the palm tree, all you need to do is get your strips of different coloured paper and Sellotape them together at the bottom. Then with the brown card roll it up into a tree trunk shape (cylinder). Stick this down with a bit of double-sided sticky tape, then put the coloured strips into the trunk and bend them out. Then stick onto island.


And there you have a treasure island to put all your spare cash in! Or anything precious, depending on the shape & size of the holes in your eggbox.



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