Magazine Tidy...


Declutter your childrens' bedrooms with their own homemade magazine holders, decorated to taste!

Magazine Tidy...

You will need: a big washing powder box (3.3Kg or thereabouts, see * below if yours is not made from corrugated card - a 1Kg cornflakes box would also do if there's nothing else), a craft or Stanley knife, a ruler, scissors, a glue stick, wrapping paper or fabric or stickyback plastic to cover them, clear or coloured sticky tape and stickers or paint or cut-outs to decorate them.

Remove the top flap from the soap powder box and cut the edges down to the same height as the lowest edge. Cut-up Box


Step 1 Place the ruler diagonally across one side of the box from one corner of the top to a point a few inches above the oppsite bottom corner, as shown by the line drawn on this one.

With the craft knife, cut firmly down the side of the ruler to the other edge of the box.

Cut a straight line across the narrow side of the box where the diagonal cut ends. Then use the ruler as before to cut the other side diagonally from the top to meet up with the straight cut across the narrow side. Step 2


Step 3 Glue one side of the box and stick the covering material down onto this. Then wrap it round the box tightly, run a fingernail lightly around the edges to mark them and cut the paper or fabric about an inch above the mark.


Then stick it down all around the box, smoothing it out as you go. Stick the underneath edges down firmly and tape the top edges down inside, clipping the corners if necessary to get them to lie as flat as possible. Step 4


Step 5 Your tidy is ready to decorate!


Use stickers, sequins, transfers, cut-outs, pens, paints - whatever takes your fancy to decorate to your taste. Step 6


Sarah with her tidy Now pick up all the mags and comics from your bedroom floor and put them in your tidy!...


* if your box is made from thinner, non-corrugated card, it would be wise to cut the box into shape, and apply a layer of paper-mache (strips of newspaper soaked in PVA glue is fine) to strengthen it. Let this dry overnight, then cover & decorate as before.

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