Colourful Pegs...


*** by Jo Corbet, 11 ***


Mum's been rather busy lately (can't imagine why) so I thought I'd be helpful and do a craft for her...

Pegs on the curtains

You will need:

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw your animal on it eg. a bumble bee. Then add stripes, say 3 or 4, and colour them in black and yellow (instead of yellow you can use orange).
  2. On the other piece of the paper, for a bee, you would draw an eight, which would be the wings. Then you can add little dashes for the detail of the wing.
  3. Once you have done all this you cut both of them out so that you have the wings and the body. Then stick the wings to the body and you get a great effect.
  4. Then get the peg and stick the bee onto the peg. Ask an adult to help if you're using a glue gun. Then you will have your wonderful animal on a peg...

    Box Ps... You can also laminate the bee or what ever animal you're doing before you stick it onto the peg so that you can use them as proper pegs outside (that's only if you have a laminator...) Or you can stick them onto sticks and hide them in your Mum's potplants.

    I have also drawn some outlines for younger children to colour in - click here to see and print them.


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