Easter Bonnets...


You will need: an old cereal box (these were done with 1 KG cornflake boxes), a dinner plate, a saucer, a pen, scissors, glue and masking tape; scraps of tissue, paper or material to decorate.


Open out the cereal box. Place the plate and saucer on it, leaving a clear strip about 2" wide along one edge, and draw round them. Cereal Box


Step 1 Cut out round the outline of the dinner plate and the 2" strip. Cut round " (1cm) outside the saucer outline, as shown.


Place the saucer on the dinnerplate cutout, close to the edge, and draw round it. Cut up into this outline from the edge, then round " (1cm) inside it, then back down to the edge in a "D" shape as shown. Step 2


Step 3 Cut notches into the edge of the saucer cutout, up to the outline. Then cut notches into the "D" cutout into the dinnerplate shape. Spread the tabs you've just made with tacky glue.


Roll the 2" strip around your finger so that it bends easily. Then wrap it round the saucer into a cylinder shape, trim to fit loosely and stick with masking tape. Step 4


Step 5 Bend the gluey tabs on the saucer shape upwards, then slide it down into the cylinder. Press the glued tabs into position.


Bend the gluey tabs on the dinnerplate shape upwards and slide it into the body of the bonnet to form a brim. Trim the ends if necessary, then stick into position with some masking tape. Step 6


Bonnets This is roughly what they should look like...


Decorate however you please! Jo tore squares of tissue, kitchen roll and loo roll, twisted them in the middle, dipped in glue and stuck them on... Add ribbon ties or elastic to keep them on. Jo in Bonnet

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